hotel corisco is part of a tv program in Canal 33

On April 7, we had the privilege of being part of the third chapter of El Retorn de les lluernes.

the book chosen in this episode is 39º in the shadows, an intense book that reflects the experiences of a woman at a time when tourism was beginning to emerge.

How does this affect us? because because stories and experiences repeat it, Santi is the main theme and sums it up very well, because despite the distance in time, he is very identified with it.

At home, at the Hotel Corisco, they talk to Pere Coris Mestres, my father. It contributes its wisdom and its knowledge, its resilience in the first moments of the tourism; innovate within the sector when we do not yet know it as such.

They also talk to Lola Úbeda, whom we have a lot of affection for since she stepped on Tossa, who has almost always been with us. To me she is part of the family and in this book she is like a clone of the protagonist. This is no less curious, isn't it?


here you've the link, so you can enjoy it and get excited how it happened to us.